Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ancient Civilization Challenge 2014

Here is just a little information on 'Etruscan Art' from Wikipedia; this was the ancient civilization that I chose for my inspiration for the piece of jewelery that I created.
Etruscan art was the form of figurative art produced by the Etruscan civilization in central Italy between the 9th and 2nd centuries BC. Particularly strong in this tradition were figurative sculpture in terracotta (particularly life-size on sarcophagi or temples) and cast bronze, wall-painting and metalworking (especially engraved bronze mirrors and situlae). The origins of the Etruscans, and consequently of their artistic style, dates back to the people who inhabited or were expelled from Asia Minor during the Bronze Age and Iron Age (See the Villanovan culture). Due to the proximity and/or commercial contact to Etruria, other ancient cultures influenced Etruscan art, such as Greece, Phoenicia, Egypt, Assyria and the Middle East. The apparent simple character in the Hellenistic era conceals an innovative,and unique style whose pinnacle coincided with the Greek archaic period. The Romans would later come to absorb the Etruscan culture into theirs but would also be greatly influenced by them and their art.
I was especially interested in the Etruscan bronze art work pieces that I viewed online and they were the main source of inspiration for my finished necklace.

Necklace in the designing stage...:)

Etruscan Art
The bright colors of Etruscan art inspired my choice of colors in my necklace

The finished necklace with earrings!
 Bronze Head, Tarquinia, 4th Cent BCE
Etruscan bronze bust, this lady's necklace of 'daggers' suggested the lovely shell spikes that I used in my piece.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Ocean Blog Hop-June 14th Reveal Date

I'm signed up for the second reveal date for the Ocean Blog Hop hosted by Lisa Lodge of A Grateful Artist-Pine Ridge Treasures and am looking forward to seeing what all the other participants have created with their beads. :)

8th Annual Bead Soup Blog Hop-Beads Received!

Am excited to say that I've rec'd my bead soup from my partner Ghislaine Kruse-Van Erp, from Fischer, TX! Here is some info from Ghislaine's blog that tells you about her and the different mediums that she has used to create pieces of art.
"Growing up with a fiber arts teacher as a mother, I started learning the fundamentals of textile art at a very young age. I have always felt the need to push the limits of this medium. In my search for items that would translate to something that can be seen or used in everyday life, I went from making rugs and wall hangings to creating containers and baskets and finally jewelry. Every step along the way, I worked smaller and smaller while translating fiber art techniques into techniques I could use with metals and gemstones. Current favorite techniques include crochet, tapestry weaving and basket weaving."

...stay tuned for pictures...waiting for the battery on my phone to finish charging! :)
Here are the promised pictures! Ghislaine tells me that the reddish tube beads and the red round beads are coral and that the other beads are Picasso beads, which she says are one of her favorite types of beads...found that most interesting, as I, too love them!! The pendant is 'agate', wire-braided in copper and is just sooo beautiful, I just love it too!

the other half, plus...!
a lovely, lovely pendant...that Ghislaine wrapped herself...isn't she talented? :)

one half of the beads I received...

The Color of Dreams Blog Hop

Am looking forward to the challenge that The Color of Dreams Blog Hop will be for me! The reveal date is April 6th, so stay tuned for pictures and such...:)