Saturday, September 8, 2012

Well, have looked at a great many of the different countries that people chose in the Travel Challenge Blog Hop and enjoyed viewing the beautiful creations that were designed by so many creative minds!! Still have not seen them all, but have had loads of fun trying to...! :) Will continue to preview them as time permits...

...on to other challenges!

Have been participating, with my friend, in the monthly challenge from the blog 'Operation Tackle that Bead Stash' that is hosted by The Crimson Moon, Cardiff, Wale UK,  for several months now and am enjoying myself immensely! Has really stretch me at times and gotten me out of my comfort zone as well...

This months challenge is to do a piece, whether a necklace, earrings, bracelet or beaded piece that is inspired by the use of the colors green and gold, with a 'twist' of the use of pearls (in one of the colors listed) in your piece...! Had to really hunt through my stash to find something in green and/or gold that I thought would be suitable. ...the idea being that you use up something that you already HAVE in your stash...not go out and buy more!!  uh, huh...right?!?  :)
Well, this is what I came up with...let me know what you think, ok? :)

I used dark green seed beads, gold glass rice pearls, size 3mm light green faceted glass beads, 4mm dark green faceted glass beads & 5mm light olive faceted glass beads with a heart shaped magnetic clasp in this piece.       

I decided to make it so that it could be worn with the clasp in the front or the back, so here is the other view...

Have really enjoyed getting to see what other people do with their beads as well...and maybe someday I'll actually win one of the prizes that are are available to the participants!  Let me know if you enjoyed viewing my creation and if you would like to take part in this challenge, here is the address:
Happy Beading!

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