Monday, February 17, 2014

The New Year and new jewelry pieces

Well, the dust has settled from the holiday season and I'm ready for spring...soon it will be time for the annual bead soup blog hop...and I'm ready for that too! :)
Have kept busy beading; each Sunday my friend and I bead. We also have personal 'beading challenges' once a month or so, where we each take turns at buying bead assortment packages and then seeing what we can create with them! :) This time around I created a purple and white piece with the package for our February challenge.

I was lucky enough to win a lovely birdhouse w/birds from The Bead Shop Liverpool challenge in November of last year and have just finished creating a piece with the bigger bird and the birdhouse. I think it turned out rather well.
Opps! Am having some trouble with uploading pictures...there is supposed to be several here!! :) Will try is the birdhouse and birds I rec'd as a prize from participating in a challenge through Bead Shop Liverpool.

My lovely prize!

The Bead Shop/Liverpool Bead Challenge

the earrings

The finished piece

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  1. I love your purple set. It reminds me of Spring - maybe it's the green there. I look forward to see your creation with the birdhouse bead. Have a great day. Ana