Sunday, June 15, 2014

Ocean Blog Hop hosted by Lisa Lodge of A Grateful Artist-Pine Ridge Treasures-Revel June 14th

Arrgh! Sorry all, that I'm a day late getting this post done....totally spaced on it! :(
But did create two pieces of jewelry for this Hop...have messed up with this from the get my excitement of receiving the two packages of beads, one for the Ocean Blog Hop and the other for the Winter Sparkle Blog Hop, finished BOTH sets way too soon and then took pictures of the wrong one and put them on my that the ones you saw in February were the ones meant for June...and the ones for February were..., well you get the, here they are...
Added a enameled, sparkly leaf to the focal here

close up
the earrings
My second piece, which I actually like better than the first one

completed piece

Did have some trouble with the PC and uploading the pictures...these are not the all of you probably know by now, taking pictures can be the hardest part of jewelery making!
Thank you to all that come by and visit and a big thank you to our hostess, Lisa Lodge of Pine Ridge Treasures for supplying us with the generous packages of beads, they are the 'sparkly-est' that I've seen by far! :) Ev
Here is the link to view fellow creative participants creations!


  1. Very nice, I hate taking pictures - it is the hardest part for me too!

  2. I have labeled my finished jewelry for the wrong hop before or finished the pieces and stashed them away never to be found again. They look like great designs, I just wish you had made the pictures larger so I could really admire them.

  3. I went back to your February post to see the ocean themed pieces. Lovely. I like that dolphin! I also like your sparkle pieces. So confusion be darned, it's good all the way around!

  4. There's a lot of sparkle in the ocean, so I can feel the "Oceany" vibe in your sparkle pieces, Ev. I love the color palette. From what I can see, they are super pretty! Thanks for being in the hop!

  5. You made some very pretty pieces. I know the feeling of getting the beads mixed up for different hops. :) But they turned out great.

  6. very pretty like golden sands with sea glass glittering there

  7. Pretty pieces First Necklace my fav. lol

  8. This is my first bead hop so I haven't mixed up beads for different hops yet, but, it could easily happen with so many projects being put together at the same time! Inspiration comes in waves and so if you find a group of beads that calls your name you sometimes have to take the time to go with it! Love the golden hues that you used. Reminds me of a sunset on the beach!

  9. I love knowing that I am not the only one that gets confused, mixed up and late. Thanks for your refreshing honesty, Ev!!! I see that you are from Olympia and love the rain! I live up in North Bend and I just love it here also! Your beautiful pieces capture the earthy, natural qualities of the Pacific Northwest and I like them all regardless of which blog hop they were meant for. Good for you!!!

  10. Oh I know how easy it would be to mix up the pieces from the two hops! At least you got them all up eventually!