Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Michael's Blog Hop Revel 7-16

Thanks Heather (Humblebeads) & Lorelei Eurto of Lorelei's Blog for hosting this blog was certainly a 'challenge'! :)
This was a really a struggle for me, both in designing the piece I made and setting up the blog! Had no end of trouble with both...especially the computer...silly machines...but did finish both in the end. :)
I wasn't sure about the colors of the different beads, especially the 'blue' table cut beads, as I'm partially color blind and they just didn't look 'right' with all the other beads...but did incorporate them into the a way that I thought was pleasing. Hope you all think so too! :) So without further is what I did...

The finished piece with what I had left over
Here is a close up of the earrings
Also having some trouble with getting the text and pictures where I want you can see!!
A close up of how I used the brown flower beads as my focal


  1. Wonderful job! I love your idea for the blue table cut beads, that really worked out! I love how the three flower beads seem to blend together and make one focal!

  2. Your combination of these beads turned out great! I think that the way you used the table cut bead will really make it interesting for the back of the neck, very pretty.

  3. Ev I'm glad you played along! They way you used the blue beads on the necklace was a clever idea. Great design!

  4. Hello Miss Evelyn! I like how you incorporated the table cut beads. I think that would look fab all the way around! I will have to give that a try. And just a note... you put my company name - Tesori Trovati - in your text next to Miss Lorelei's name... She is the hostess for the party, not me! Just wanted you to be able to correct that. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy the day. Erin

  5. So you must be Carolyn's I see why she mentioned that your earrings were similar yet different. One of those great minds think a like things. Great job on the necklace too. I like your choice to use the brown flower bead as a focal. btw Tesori Trovati is Heather's friend,Erin.

  6. You did a great job with your design! That's why challenges are a fun way to experiment with new ideas...and beads!

  7. Great job with the blog and the piece! Your necklace turned out awesome! Nicely done!