Sunday, August 3, 2014

Haberdashery Blog Hop Revel 8-2-14

 Had to think about this one for a while...and hunt up buttons and such and then the buzzing in the brain began!!  Took some thought, but finally came up with a couple of designs that I think turned out pretty well...:)
Enjoyed the 'stretching' of the brain, it certainly was a challenge...hope you like what I did...
Thanks to our hostess, Melissa at Haberdashery

Dainty little earrings
Used raffia paper ribbon covered wire and wire wrapped white Turquoise rondels and Pink/Gold Picasso faceted rounds with three very old buttons for my focal in this piece. Don't know what the buttons are made of for sure, but think the centers are copper (although because of their age, they don't look 'coppery'), if you look at them closely, you'll see tiny silhouettes of what appears to be a bust of Cesar (at least I like to think so!), huh? :)

A close up of the focal buttons
The finished piece

Added a magnetic clasp for easy on/off...

My quirky and fun take on working with 'notions'!

Fits comfortably on the wrist and expands to fit (most) all! :)

I used a stretchy shoelace, five lovely buttons that have silver filigree designs on them with tiny rhinestones in their centers and a scrap piece of purple tulle to finish it with...thought it turned out ok, this was definitely a challenge for me, as I've not used these types of materials much in my beading before now! When I took this one to work to show my co-workers, this was the one they liked...was amazed, as I wasn't as happy with the way this one turned out, as I was with the pink one...:)


  1. I love the shoelace in the bracelet! What a fabulous idea.

  2. Love your take on the haberdashery hop, you've incorporated some interesting things that I hadn't thought about, especially the netting but it made into a really neat bracelet.

  3. I really liked the addition of the purple tulle. What a fun way to add it to the bracelet. Great work!

  4. Hurray for all the unusual materials you have used to make them unrecognizable in these very creative pieces!

  5. Quirky and fun are 'in'! I think your pink necklace is a lovely idea..the paper is so delicate..amazing.

  6. The first one is very interesting with the rafia cord and the buttons - never seen it being used that way before

  7. Those buttons rock...and of course I love purple!!!

  8. Cute pieces and great use of unusual components! I do like the stretchy shoelace bracelet! Thank you for joining in my blog hop!