Friday, March 1, 2013

The composer that I chose to listen to for the  
2nd Annual Challenge of Music Blog Hop is: Ralph Vaughan Williams. 
One of the pieces that he composed  was                
"A Pastoral Symphony (No. 3) Oboe Concerto; Molto moderato";
with The London Symphony Orchestra 
(Bryden Thomson, conductor) which was recorded in St. Jude's Church, London, 11 27th & 28th, 1987 and on 4-15, 1988. 
This is the one that I chose as my inspiration for the necklace and earrings that I designed. About 5 minutes into the CD the music changes quite dramatically and this is what I focused on...
I heard bold, bright notes and dark, irregular ones and that is why I chose to use black meteorite nuggets with the contrast of bright copper rolo chain; the MOP daggers, in teal and cream represent the abrupt changes from one section of the music to the next which seem to me, as I listened, to 'tear at the fabric' of notes.

Here is the finished piece.

After I purchased this CD, I and my beading friend both listened to it and I found it most interesting that we both 'saw' the music in such different ways! :) Be sure to take a look at Carolyn's Creations blog to see the difference...!
Here is the link to go to hear the music that inspired the creation for what I made.

....and if you'd like to see other inspired creators finished pieces, here is a link that will point you in the right direction! :)


  1. Beautiful music and I like the use of the spikes in the piece. They do represent the contrasts within the music very well. Nice work.

  2. Very nice necklace! I like how included both the darker and lighter side of the music in the design and how the one breaks through the other. Great job!

    (I've heard this piece before, I think, but didn't know it was created as an elegy over soldier dying in WW1 -- you learn something new every day.)

  3. I like the contrast. So very different from anther piece this hop that used the same musical inspiration! Well done.

  4. Beautiful work Evelyn! Your interpretation of the music is right on, and the contrast in your materials perfectly reflects that bright/dark thought process. Well done!

    :) Molly

  5. Your necklace reminds me of bold, beautiful notes!! Love it!!!

  6. Thank you for sharing the music of Ralph Vaughan Williams, Evelyn. I was unfamiliar with his work. This is a timeless piece, and seems to flow quite effortlessly from meditative to dramatic. Your design really picks up on these contrasts in a cohesive way.

  7. Love your interpretation of the song - love those different elements you used to capture the music!

  8. What a lovely piece. I'm a big fan of Vaugh Williams -- his melodies take flight and soar straight into my soul.

  9. I really like the pieces, especially your complimentary mis-matched earrings!

  10. Isn't it cool how the same inspiration can evoke such different interpretations in each of us? I love that you and Miss Carolyn are beading buddies and that you decided to be inspired by the same piece of music! Your piece has a definite beat. It is strong and powerful whereas Carolyn's was softer, more ethereal. Thank you for playing in the Challenge of Music! I hope you will join me again! Enjoy the day. Erin

  11. I LOVE how you and your friend had such different interpretations of the same lovely piece! This is so bold, so dramatic! Wonderful!

  12. I love how you have interpreted this music, so different from Carolyn's, but just as valid.